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Featured Routines

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Building Routines

According to Harvard Business Review, 92% of Highly Effective People follow Routines. Having daily Routines can Lower Stress, Improve Productivity, Improve Focus, and form Positive Daily Habits.  Build your own Routines, use our Template Routines, or take advantage of our Featured Routines. More...

Daily Check-ins

By definition, emotional intelligence is the ability to Perceive, Express, Understand, and Manage Emotions in yourself and others. Checking In with the most important people in your life and/or having the most important people in your life Check in with you can vastly enrich your well-being. More...

Managing Your Day

At Lightbridge, we combine your calendar with the Routines that improve your life and Check-ins for the most important people in your life.

Veteran & Active Duty Community

Peer support groups create a safe space for veterans to discuss shared experiences and challenges, fostering understanding and reducing feelings of isolation. More...

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Live your best life!

You know the importance of structure and routine.  


Take advantage of your personal assistant to keep you focused on what is important to you and what brings joy to your life.


Routines create momentum that can carry you through on the days you don’t have the strength to carry yourself.  


Who’s got your six?  Where’s your rally point? Realize the power of connection with your squad.  We all need them.  They make our lives better. 

— Building Your Community and Team!

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Introducing 'Buddy Check'


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