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Veterans and Family Members

Updated: Feb 12

We are looking for volunteers from our Military families to participate in a pilot program.

The Lightbridge mission is to help everyone live their best life. As a strong and connected community committed to helping others, we believe you are the perfect individual for this critical mission.

Already on a mobile device?

Join Today! (On a desktop?) Get the LightBridge App by scanning the QR code.

Thank you for helping us help others!

Lightbridge respects your privacy; there are no advertisements and no selling of your individual data. If you choose to share information, it is of your own free will and to those you select and trust.

To promote a safe environment for you and your family, there are no anonymous members within our communities. You can email If you prefer email communication, I am happy to help you get signed up and answer any questions you may have.

We hope you enjoy using the Lightbridge App!

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