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Veteran & Active Duty Communities

The LIGHTBRIDGE APP allows Veteran and Active Duty personnel in a community to connect with others who have served, fostering a sense of understanding and belonging. Talking about shared experiences, both positive and negative, can be a powerful tool for processing emotions and healing.

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Benefits of Peer Support & Community

Improved Mental Health:

  • Studies suggest peer support can be helpful in managing symptoms of PTSD, depression, and anxiety commonly faced by veterans.

  • Peer support groups create a safe space for veterans to discuss shared experiences and challenges, fostering understanding and reducing feelings of isolation.


Enhanced Well-Being:

  • Peer support can strengthen veterans' sense of belonging and social connection, which is crucial for transitioning back to civilian life.

  • Research indicates peer support can improve self-efficacy and coping skills, empowering veterans to manage their well-being.


Increased Help-Seeking Behaviors:

  • Peer support programs can encourage veterans to seek professional help for mental health challenges by normalizing help-seeking and offering guidance on navigating the healthcare system.

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