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Addiction Recovery

Planning For Success!

Featured Routines

Meditation Routines help our members deal with the stress of life and recovery
Workout Routines lead to a healthy life.


Building Routines

According to Harvard Business Review, 92% of Highly Effective People follow Routines. Having daily Routines can Lower Stress, Improve Productivity, Improve Focus, and form Positive Daily Habits.  A study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that participants engaged in a significant amount of daily living tasks, highlighting the importance of structured activities within daily Routines. Sponsors and users can build custom Routines, use our Template Routines, or take advantage of our Featured Routines.

Daily Check-ins

The ability to Perceive, Express, Understand, and Manage Emotions in yourself and others, by definition, is Emotional Intelligence.  Checking In can help prevent relapse. Early intervention allows individuals to utilize coping mechanisms and seek additional support before a potentially high-risk situation arises.

Managing Your Day

At Lightbridge, we combine your calendar with the Routines that improve your life and Check-ins for the most important people in your life.  Adding structure, accountability, and community is essential to an individual's recovery.

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Introducing 'Check-Ins'

The Lightbridge App's Check In feature connects our members with important contacts in their lives.
Community Connection provides peer support for our members
Support Contacts receive a Check in notification


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