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Hey Rally Point Nebraska

Rob Holdford, author of the book Lifeonomics, has donated his 52-week coaching program called, Mind, Body, and Spirit to Lightbridge just for Rally Point Nebraska.

This coaching program is designed to give you 'Life Tools,' get you moving, and help you find direction and purpose in your life.

Rob's brother, Joel Holdford, Retired Chief of Police, SWAT Team Commander, and US Army combat veteran, will host this series. Joel has dedicated his life to serving his country and community.

Each week will have a 2-5 minute video, along with a challenge to get you moving powerfully throughout your day and life.

We’re on your team now!

Just select the Mind, Body, and Spirit routine from the Organization Routine List and schedule it in your My Day.

Our coaching program has helped countless people get in shape, have better relationships, find purpose and have a sense of team.

We look forward to seeing your results.

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