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Restoring Honor

What does it mean to you to live a life of honor? In our life coaching methodology, we define honor simply as doing what we say we’ll do and being who we say we are.

Are you unintentionally living a life out of integrity? There were times when I was not doing what I said I would do. Nor was I being who I said I was.

At times, I had no honor!

Now that you’ve realigned your time and attention, you may realize there are areas of your life that are out of integrity with who you say you are. There are relationships that may have had your time but not your attention.

There may be things you have said you would do that has not yet been done. This week’s challenge is a big one: Focus on restoring honor and integrity in all things, large and small, with all people, friend and foe. Then begin to notice exponential power show up when you really start believing YOU.

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