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Your Focus Needs More Focus

As a young Infantry Sergeant, there were several times I would literally have to grab a soldier by his kit (gear) and give him a little shake to get him back in focus.

If you have conducted patrolling, whether it was mounted or LPC (Leather Personnel Carrier), better known as boots, you have had a soldier lose focus during an operation. Perhaps it was due to sensory overload during a high-speed training event or combat; maybe they just zoned out because of the lack of action and fatigue associated with those long patrols.

“Is someone important trying to you trying to grab your gear?”

Fast forward 30 years. Technology has permeated our lives, offering unprecedented distractions that would have been unimaginable back in 1988. Trillions of dollars are being made every year by hacking our attention. In fact, we’re hacking your attention right now in order for you to restore focus on what’s truly important to you.

Does your focus need more focus? We all have attention. It’s time to pay attention to your attention. We can realize our time is our attention by restoring focus.

Is someone important to you trying to grab your gear? Probably. This week’s Challenge is to grab your own gear and restore focus on that which is truly important to you. In the Jaden Smith version of the movie The Karate Kid, the sensei looks solemnly at his student and says, “Your focus needs more focus.”

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