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Is Your Attention Being Hacked?

Nothing is more fundamental than controlling your own attention. In Week One of our coaching program, we tackle what can be a tough challenge, given everything that is competing for our attention.

“In this week’s video, learn how to pay attention to your attention”


What are you paying attention to right now, every day? What we feed grows.

We feed the experience of our lives first through attention. This week, pay attention to your attention. Many people find their attention is constantly moving from subject to subject, while others’ attention is captured by something like a cell phone or social media. Our attention is being hacked, and we’re allowing that to happen.

We have found that truly successful people have developed the skill of focused attention. This is a deliberate choice to focus their attention only on that on the things and people that are truly important to them.

If you’re getting distracted by things that don’t matter to you, you can learn to cultivate focused attention. Here, you train yourself to hold your attention on something that has not necessarily captured your emotions. For instance, if you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you probably focused your attention on a spot on the wall while doing the balancing postures. In the Lifeonomics methodology, we can teach you how to do this in every area of your life.

The key to living free of worry and regret is literally to notice where your attention is and to understand that what you give your attention to becomes your truth. You buy it; you own it. This is the meaning of the term “to pay attention.” Focused Attention gives you the power to catch your attention wandering or being “hacked” and redirect it toward something productive and positive.

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