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Rally Point Nebraska & Beyond

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Featured Routines

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Building Routines

According to Harvard Business Review, 92% of Highly Effective People follow Routines. Having daily Routines can Lower Stress, Improve Productivity, Improve Focus, and form Positive Daily Habits.  Build your own Routines, use our Template Routines, or take advantage of our Featured Routines.

Daily Check-ins

The ability to Perceive, Express, Understand, and Manage Emotions in yourself and others, by definition, is Emotional Intelligence.  Checking In with the most important people in your life and/or having the most important people in your life Check-In with you can vastly enrich your well-being.

Managing Your Day

At Lightbridge, we combine your calendar with the Routines that improve your life and Check-ins for the most important people in your life.

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This Program is Funded by the State of Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

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Live your best life!

The Rally Point Nebraska & Beyond program is developed through the collaboration of Lightbridge (Mobile App), Bellevue University and is funded by the State of Nebraska. 

This is a community service and outreach program focused on our Military and First Responders, including their families, with the goal of:

  • Connecting you in your private community online

  • Supporting you in living your best life through specific routines designed to improve mental and physical well-being.  

  • Seamlessly connecting you to your selected support contacts and providing certified peer support services. The support offered is always confidential and between you and your support contact. This takes place outside the App.

  • Access to as-needed resources through searchable resource routines that provide up-to-date information and contacts.

  • Strengthening our families through routines that focus on family time and family connection


These features are available through the mobile app and in your hands anytime ~  anywhere. 

There is NO advertising on the mobile App, NO sharing or selling an individual’s private information, and NO anonymous members.

— Start Building Your Community...

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Introducing 'Buddy Check'

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