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Family & Teens


Keeping your family strong and connected is a difficult task… the struggle is real, and you are not alone!
Be intentional and make it simple by applying the Lightbridge mobile App!  A tool the whole family can use.

Featured Routines

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Building Routines

According to Harvard Business Review, 92% of Highly Effective People follow Routines. Having daily Routines can Lower Stress, Improve Productivity, Improve Focus, and form Positive Daily Habits.  Build your own Routines, use our Template Routines, or take advantage of our Featured Routines.

Daily Check-ins

The ability to Perceive, Express, Understand, and Manage Emotions in yourself and others, by definition, is Emotional Intelligence.  Checking In with the most important people in your life and/or having the most important people in your life Check-In with you can vastly enrich your well-being.

Managing Your Day

At Lightbridge, we combine your calendar with the Routines that improve your life and Check-ins for the most important people in your life.

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 Positive family relationships are built on quality time, communication, teamwork and appreciation.

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Routines play a crucial role in building strong and connected families & good communication is essential. The struggle is over!  Download the Lightbridge Mobile App today!

Create and Build your specific Family Focused Routines together: 
Routines can play a crucial role in helping families stay strong and connected in several ways: 

Predictability and Stability:  

Routines provide a sense of predictability and stability for family members, especially children.  Knowing what to expect and when to expect it and creating a sense of security and comfort, which can help reduce anxiety and stress.

Communication and Bonding:  

Routines often involve regular activities that allow family members to spend time together, such as family dinners, game nights, or weekend outings.  These shared activities provide opportunities for communication, bonding, and creating lasting memories.

Teaching Responsibility:  

Routines can help teach children about responsibility and the importance of fulfilling obligations.  For example, setting a regular schedule for chores or homework can instill a sense of accountability and discipline.

Establishing Healthy Habits:  

Routines can support the development of healthy habits, such as regular exercise, proper nutrition, and sufficient sleep.  By incorporating these habits into family routines, parents can promote mental and physical well-being for them and their children.

Managing Time and Stress:  

Routines can help families manage time more effectively, reducing stress and chaos. By establishing set times for tasks like waking up, getting ready for school or work, and bedtime, families can create a more organized and less hectic environment.

Fostering Independence:  Routines can empower children to become more independent by providing a framework for them to follow.  As they become accustomed to regular routines, children can learn to complete tasks on their own and develop a sense of autonomy.

Strengthening Family Identity:  

Routines can reinforce a family’s identity and values by incorporating traditions, rituals, and customs.  These shared experiences can help build a sense of unity and belonging among family members.

Overall, routines can contribute to a harmonious and connected family life by promoting stability, communication, responsibility, and well-being.  However, it’s important to note that while routines can be beneficial, flexibility and adaptability are also key to maintaining a healthy family dynamic, especially as circumstances and needs change over time.

Communication is Key:  

The text results from Daily Check In’s help everyone in the family be supportive when needed and involved in celebrating the good things together.
Daily Check In’s :  

Morning and Afternoon Check In’s help with signaling any circumstances that may have transpired during the day. This gives you the opportunity to address any changes in emotional well-being quickly and without being intrusive.  As a parent, this is valuable information!

**Under read more button add privacy clause:100% Confidential ~ Your privacy is our #1 priority, there are no advertisements and no sharing or selling your individual data. To promote a safe environment for you and your family there are no anonymous members within our communities.

For minors using the App we recommend parents use the Control Settings "input Lock image" and turning off the community feature.

Connect with others on the same mission 

Invite your friends and build your own community to share information and support one another in this journey.

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Not intrusive ~ information shared seamlessly

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